woensdag 30 mei 2012

Home DIY ~ little storage unit

Today I'm feeling a bit restless. I finished up an earlier post, did a bit of homework.. I decided to clean up my apartment. There is this particular place in my room that has been bugging me for a while.. It is messy and I can't find my stuff when I want to go out. I decided to reorganize this area!

Since my apartment is soooo tiny and I have way too many things, it can become quite messy over time. When I'm not happy with the way my stuff is organized, I start looking for things around my apartment which I can use to create a new storage unit.

This is what I found:
Ok without the utility knife and the pen..
I found a box used for transporting some kind of fruit (from the grocery store) and two strips of mdf. I have a massive amount of scrap material from building models for school, so there is always something I can work with.

For some magical reason the strips would exactly fit through the little holes in the side! I cut four more holes, two on each side. This way I can form two shelves out of the two strips. I had exactly enough material!
When you cut the strips, make sure the strips are 1 cm too long on both sides. This way they will stay in place when they bent a little (too much).

Tada! In little than 15 minutes I had made myself a little shelf unit ^_^

Let's see the before and after of the space I was reorganizing:
Sorry for the bad quality! All of a sudden my camera was like this :( but I only noticed it on my laptop..

Anyway this was the before. This is where I putmy keys when I arrive home. So I also store here all kinds of things I might need when I go out, like bike lights, ear plugs etc. And a lot of ..crap
The little drawer on the right is actually a woven box thing without a lid. A while ago I turned it on it's side and made little drawers out of cardboard. It looks kinda clumsy, but the whole box wasn't even on both sides so it's not my fault =P

Yay so much better! There were a lot of things I threw away, that's why it looks so empty right now.. I also found some stuff I lost, so it was a good thing to do ;)

Here's a close up
The little glass containers used to contain crème brûlée. I ate a lot of it as you can see ;) haha They are just perfect to storage little things like cash or ear plugs. The holes in the corners of the box can be used to hold pens.

Now I have finally created a space I'm happy with and where I can actually find my stuff ^_^
You can make a storage unit like this yourself, just look around your apartment or local stores to find some materials to work with! I hope this inspired you to create some handy pieces out of scrap material ;)
And don't be afraid to fail! I've created storage units that all of a sudden would break down.. uhum but you learn from these things! Let's hope this one will do it's job for long time ;)

See you!
Anne Lien

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke DIY!
    Was ik maar niet met BK gestopt haha, dan had ik nu misschien ook een stapel van die kartonnetjes (want dat is het toch?) over en kon ik ook zo'n kastje maken!

    1. Dankje! =D
      haha ik heb nog zoveel over van al die projecten o.O
      ik weet ook niet eens meer waarvoor ik dit gebruikt heb..
      het is mdf, dus geen karton ;)
      misschien kun je ergens anders een kastje van maken! Van boeken die je al gelezen hebt ofzo hihi