vrijdag 30 november 2012

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Last weekend a friend celebrated her birthday. Another friend and I threw her a little party, including party hats and cakes. There was an apple pie and I made her brownies. A few years ago I found a brownie recipe in a magazine. I tried it out and it was so perfect I never tried a different one. Almost every time I make these, someone will ask for the recipe. With this post, I can just refer to my blog ;)

Now let's make some brownies!

zondag 4 november 2012

Busy October

It already has been a month since my last post -.-
Life has been crazy lately, so I wanted to give a quick overview of my October.

School was pretty busy. I had to prepare and give two presentations. This means a lot of work for just 10 minutes of talking in front of your professors. Most people don't get that much sleep during these periods. This time I managed to get some sleep in :) But my presentations weren't that good.. maybe I should have worked all nights straight. Cause that's what being an architecture student is all about..

I've been doing a lot of other things as well. I finally managed to finish two other products for tiny purple treehouse to be 3D printed at Shapeways! Because of Sandy, the servers of Shapeways were offline for a few days. Fortunately they're back on now and they can process orders again. I hope everyone affected by the storm is doing ok now!
Also, I've been working on new different products for tiny purple treehouse. No 3D printing this time. For now it's gonna be a secret what they are..  I want to finish my prototypes first ;)

It's fall again! The weather in Holland has been the same as every other year. One day, clear blue skies and a nice breeze of fresh air. The next day, lots of rain, grey skies and a mean wind. No matter what the weather is like, I still enjoy the beautiful view of yellow and orange leaves falling to the ground. Plus, now I can finally wear nice warm sweaters and scarves again!
One night, my boyfriend couldn't sleep, so he decided to go outside and shoot some pretty pictures. Don't they reflect the perfect fall feeling?

I'm gonna get back to my schoolwork -.-
Have a nice week!

Anne Lien