woensdag 27 juni 2012

Home DIY ~ pin board (out of foam and wallpaper samples)

It has been awhile! School has been crazy busy so I hadn't had much time to blog. Actually I'm supposed to be learning right now.. Time to take a break! ;)

I've made this pin board some time ago (can you tell I like penguins). It's still hanging and looking nice so I consider it as a successful project ^_^ (my little storage unit is also still standing!)
When I visited the hardware store I picked up some nice wallpaper samples. I didn't had a purpose for them until I wanted to create a pin board for my empty wall. The samples together make a cute and colorful surface for a pin board! I used foam because I needed a super lightweight material since I would hang it on the same wire as my photo ropes.

For this project you're going to need:
- foam (I used 4cm thick foam I had lying around)
- wallpaper samples
- rope
- glue
- knife
- pen
- ruler
- screws (or screw hooks))
- tape (I didn't used the ducttape, I ended up using some electrician tape)
- lining material (not shown. I used cork, but you can use cardboard or maybe even fabric)

First of all you need to arrange the wallpaper samples. You can use as many as you want! As long as they fit the foam you're using ;) You can even make a tiny pin board out of one sample.
Once you're happy with the arrangement, mark the size on your foam. If you want to remember the exact arrangement of you samples, you can take a picture for reference later on.

Use your utility knife and a ruler to cut out the foam. This kind of material can be quite annoying. Best way is to cut it multiple times in the same place instead of trying to cut through it at once.

Since the edges are quite rough, you can even them out a bit using sanding paper.

I still didn't like the look of the foam. So I lined the sides and the back with some some cork I had. This material is super thin and it breaks easily, but now it looks like a real pin board! haha ;)

Mark the places for the screws. I marked 10 cm from the sides. Before you screw them in, attach the rope. To be sure they will stay in place, you can add some glue.

Now it's time to glue in the samples! I used regularly transparent glue. You can use the photo from before as a reference.

 Since the edges were kinda rough, I taped on some small black electrician tape. This way it looks framed as well.

And this is the end result ^_^
Hope your enjoyed this and inspired you to create an easy (and lightweight!) pin board!
You just have to add some colorful pins and your most inspirational pictures and quotes :)

See you!
Anne Lien

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