dinsdag 8 mei 2012

First Post!

Okay so I finally found the time (and courage) to write this first post..

Let me begin by explaining the name of this blog, 'tiny blue apartment', it's quite simple, At the moment I'm living in a tiny blue apartment ;) I'm a student so I don't have a lot of choice where I want and can live. I was lucky enough to be long enough on a list to get a tiny apartment for myself!

But there is more to this name. At the first half of this college year I got to do my minor. I choose for 'Advanced Prototyping'. This minor was being given by the faculty of Industrial Design as well as by the faculty of Architecture in Delft. I've learned a lot! One of the most exciting things I learned was 3D-printing. We've experimented with different kinds of printers and learned about the limits and the creative freedom of 3D-printing. One of the assignments was to design your own jewelry that would be 3D-printed. I was really excited about this assignment. Especially because we were introduced to this website called Shapeways. Here you can upload and sell your own models as well as buy the models of other people! So I wanted my little shop there as well. I came up with a jewelry brand:

tiny purple treehouse

I got my shop and a facebook page!

So now I have a blog and a jewelry brand with matching names ^_^
On this blog I will share my new found love of 3D-printing, tell a bit about how to get started on designing your own amazing things and show interesting creations of other people. Also I will post my new designs once in a while.

Next to this I will also share all the other things I love to do, see, hear, eat, create and so on.
So I hope you will find something you like :)

See you ♥,
Anne Lien

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