maandag 3 juni 2013

5 random facts about me

Hello there. I wanted to make this blog a little bit more personal by sharing these 5 random facts about me. I hope you'll enjoy! :)

I actually live in a tiny blue apartment. It's a little studio in the 'outskirts' of Delft where I've painted the walls sky blue. I've been living here for about two years now and I share this place with my two fluffy gerbils.
(Blue is also my favourite colour!)

Which brings me to the second fact. I have two gerbils. These little desert rats always need to have a roommate to keep eachother company. Mine are black and white. The black one is called Yoru and the white one Tsuki. It means 'night' and 'moon' in Japanese. Doesn't it sound cute? They're both male and so cute together! They sleep together and wash eachother. It's adorable to watch ♥

The only sports I like are yoga, pilates and fighting sports like thai boxing. This year I did yoga at home and bikram yoga with Emilia!, I'm hoping on continuing with thaiboxing again next semester at the sporstcentre of my university.

My 'favourite' drink is water. Seriously, I drink so much of it everyday. If I go to someones place and they ask me what I want to drink, I would say water. When I'm working at home, there's always a can of water and a glass next to me. And I always have a bottle of water in my bag.

It has been a year and a half since I've been obsessing about everything with robots on it. (It used to be penguins) Last year I designed a robot ring and ever since I have been really drawn to anything with robots on it.. I even made a special pinterest board for it! There are so many cute items out there with robot print, but I would be broke if I bought them all.. So apart from my ring I only have this water bottle I bought at Søstrene Grene (always have it in my bag) and a robot dress from Zara.

So that's it!
I hope you enjoyed it and know me a little bit better now :)
and please tell me if you like to see more posts like this!

Have a great week!

dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Building spaghetti bridges

Over the past few weeks two friends and I have been quite obsessed by spaghetti. And glue. This was the third time in a row we were competing in the yearly spaghetti-bridge competition organized by our university.
Every year there are two challenges to compete in: the team-building challenge and the student-building challenge. We were competing for the third time in the last challenge. Here you need to build a bridge before the actual competition/testing day according to the released assignment. We also competed in the teambuilding challenge for the first time. This takes place on the day itself. You get 3 hours to build a (smaller) bridge.

Last week Wednesday was the big day. In the morning we brought our big bridge in and we build a smaller bridge for the teambuilding challenge. There was a nice spaghetti lunch (spaghetti-overload) and in the afternoon they would test all bridges from both challenges.
Before I share our experiences, let me reveal that we didn't win anything ;)

zaterdag 6 april 2013

Fabric Market in Delft

Today was a beautiful sunny (and windy) day. The perfect day to visit the fabric market in Delft with a friend. This market is set up by the 'Stoffenbeurs'. Every season they visit different cities. If it's close by, I always enjoy going there. Since today they visited my hometown I had to stop by. It is so nice to see and touch all the different kinds of fabric and imagine what you would create with it..
I didn't allow myself to buy anything since I already have so many (sewing) projects waiting to be finished. Or to even start on.
We did hunt down the perfect shiny black fabric so my friend can make hooded capes for her society board. And it was only €2,- per meter! Perfect since she's only planning to use them once ;)

What's a market day without some lunch? Even though it was sunny we decided to go inside our trusty Bagels&Beans to have some bagels and an ice coffee/hot chocolate.

More photos after the break!

dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Sneak peek ~ new products

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging for a while is because I have been working on new products for my brand tiny purple treehouse. At the moment I only sell 3D-printed jewelry, but I'm planning on adding some new (handmade) products!
I'm super excited about this, but the process is taking such a long time.. All products are still in testing- and adjusting fase so that's why I haven't blogged about them.

So for now I won't show (or tell) more than these photos. I don't want to make promises I'm not sure I can keep ;) sometimes I talk to much anyway hehe

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is an elective course for school. Well obviously I have more, but this one I'm really enjoying. In this course I learn how to build websites through html, css and jquery. Actually not a website, but a portfolio. Since I'm studying architecture, most students make a portfolio about their design projects and skills. The teachers however were fine with me making a portfolio for my tiny purple treehouse products! If I can do it (not making a promise here), I can maybe even build a webshop or something similar.
Isn't that great? I can make something I was planning on making anyway, plus I get guidance and credit!
ahh.. I love college..
(as long as I don't think about the scary courses -.-")

Bye bye!

zondag 24 maart 2013

Søstrene Grene bloggersevent

Hello! Oh my it has been a while.. I'm sorry!

Last Wednesday I went to my first ever bloggers event/evening organized by Søstrene Grene in Groningen. It was pretty amazing! I met the nicest people and I just love the shop. It was well worth spending 6 hours in a train ;)

Søstrene Grene is a Danish shop with lots of items for low prices. They have multiple shops in Scandinavia, but only one in the Netherlands. That one is all the way up north in Groningen. A beautiful city which I happened to visit quite a few times this last year.

zondag 27 januari 2013

Winter Series ~ Cozy Mittens

Second in the serie: a cozy pair of mittens!

I had been on the hunt for some nice mittens for a few years now. The ones I liked were mostly made out of wool. Which is nice, but not when you're cycling a lot. The wind (and rain) just goes right through them! If you can't find what you're looking for: make them yourself :)

And so I did. I used interior fabric, because it is sturdy and quite water- and windproof. For lining I opted for some fluffy shearling material. So soft and cozy! And an absolute dream to work with.

dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Final presentation & Revit renderings

Last Friday was my final presentation of the design project of the past semester. Because of this, last month has been really busy for me, so sorry for the lack of updates and replies.
Doing a master architecture project is pretty intense in itself. I worked on the same building for almost half a year, it was hard work. When your building is 'finished' you need to prepare a presentation. I have to say, I was totally not feeling the vibe and my presentation was a bit of a let down in terms of drawing techniques. Anyway, I passed the project!

 The one thing I did really enjoy was working in Autodesk Revit. This software is pretty new. When I started this study 4 years ago, we were thought Maya. Now the kids learn Revit in their first year. Even though I never had lessons with this software, I started using it in an architecture project last year. This project I used it again and it's a really great product!