maandag 3 juni 2013

5 random facts about me

Hello there. I wanted to make this blog a little bit more personal by sharing these 5 random facts about me. I hope you'll enjoy! :)

I actually live in a tiny blue apartment. It's a little studio in the 'outskirts' of Delft where I've painted the walls sky blue. I've been living here for about two years now and I share this place with my two fluffy gerbils.
(Blue is also my favourite colour!)

Which brings me to the second fact. I have two gerbils. These little desert rats always need to have a roommate to keep eachother company. Mine are black and white. The black one is called Yoru and the white one Tsuki. It means 'night' and 'moon' in Japanese. Doesn't it sound cute? They're both male and so cute together! They sleep together and wash eachother. It's adorable to watch ♥

The only sports I like are yoga, pilates and fighting sports like thai boxing. This year I did yoga at home and bikram yoga with Emilia!, I'm hoping on continuing with thaiboxing again next semester at the sporstcentre of my university.

My 'favourite' drink is water. Seriously, I drink so much of it everyday. If I go to someones place and they ask me what I want to drink, I would say water. When I'm working at home, there's always a can of water and a glass next to me. And I always have a bottle of water in my bag.

It has been a year and a half since I've been obsessing about everything with robots on it. (It used to be penguins) Last year I designed a robot ring and ever since I have been really drawn to anything with robots on it.. I even made a special pinterest board for it! There are so many cute items out there with robot print, but I would be broke if I bought them all.. So apart from my ring I only have this water bottle I bought at SΓΈstrene Grene (always have it in my bag) and a robot dress from Zara.

So that's it!
I hope you enjoyed it and know me a little bit better now :)
and please tell me if you like to see more posts like this!

Have a great week!