zondag 24 maart 2013

Søstrene Grene bloggersevent

Hello! Oh my it has been a while.. I'm sorry!

Last Wednesday I went to my first ever bloggers event/evening organized by Søstrene Grene in Groningen. It was pretty amazing! I met the nicest people and I just love the shop. It was well worth spending 6 hours in a train ;)

Søstrene Grene is a Danish shop with lots of items for low prices. They have multiple shops in Scandinavia, but only one in the Netherlands. That one is all the way up north in Groningen. A beautiful city which I happened to visit quite a few times this last year.

We were welcomed with drinks and cupcakes and we were introduced to the shop and their employees. They had set up a tea tasting and we could shop! And get to know eachother. Since I didn't know many Dutch blogs/bloggers, this was a great opportunity for me to meet new people.
I didn't get to speak to everyone obviously (there were about 50 people), but the people I did meet were so nice! Plus, I wasn't the only one traveling all the way from the south to get here. Which made my train ride back also a lot more fun :)

So as I said, we got to do some shopping. We also received a goodie bag! One thing I like about this shop is the fact they change their inventory every week, so you will always find something new and fun. I really hope they will open a store more located to where I live (they said they're planning to!).

The bottom photo shows the items I picked up: a pack of jumbo cards, a water bottle with cute robots and a rain cap for my bike.
The cards were meant for a party last Friday with the theme 'Casino of Gold'. I was super excited about it, but I got sick that night -.-" Luckily my friends still got some use out of these cards!

Everything in the middle was in the goodie bag. Some cute items, like the mugs and easter items. Everyone got a sachet of their fresh tea, mine was 'summer fruits'. It smells delicious, still need to try it though (in the provided tea egg). We also got some old-fashioned candy, liquorice root and liquorice candies. The box in the front is soap, smells like old times haha

It was a nice evening and I had lots of fun. Hope I can do something similar again soon!
Bye bye for now :)

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  1. Ahh het was zo leuk! Ik vond het heel gezellig om je te ontmoeten en ik heb zin in dinsdag! :)
    Vet handig trouwens, die cover voor over het zadel van je fiets! Mijn zadel is lek, dus nu heb ik er een plastic tasje omheen, maar zo'n ding is een stuk handiger haha. Jammer dat ik ze niet had zien liggen!

    1. Ja!! Helemaal mee eens :)
      haha ja en ik heb nog niet eens een fiets.. wil je m 'lenen'? ;)

  2. You are so awesome it's ridiculous

  3. I never heard of the shop before but it looks so cute! Perhaps I will visit some day, my parents live not too far from Groningen. I also got jumbo sized playing cards as a present a long time back. I still kind of want to do an alice in wonderland photo shoot with them somehow :)

    1. Yes! please do :) and it's convenient your parents live nearby, 6 hours in a train isn't the most ideal way to spend your time haha
      Oehh yeah that would be awesome! Totally fits your style/blog theme as well (not without polka dots)!

  4. Ziet er echt supergezellig uit. Ik wil daar ook graag nog een keertje naartoe; zulke leuke spulletjes. :)

    1. Moet je zeker doen! Groningen is sowieso leuk om te bezoeken ;)