dinsdag 8 mei 2012

tiny purple treehouse ~ 3D printed jewelry

So I told you guys how tiny purple treehouse got started, now I will show what I've made so far..

So first up is this Girl Robot ring. This particular one is printed in Stainless Steel. The nice thing about Shapeways is you can decide in what material you want your products to be printed. Also, I added a function so you can order the exact ring size you want!
Okay so I'm a bit biased, but I'm loving this ring! I wear it everyday, it's nice and heavy so you really feel it on your finger. At first this was a bit weird, but I got used to it quickly. It's so heavy because Shapeways has restrictions on the thickness of the materials. In Stainless Steel you need to have a wall thickness of at least 2-3 mm. You can go smaller, but they won't always accept it, because the chance of breaking the product in the progress is quite big.
Some people say this material can rub of on your skin. I did experience this, when it's wet outside the ring rubs of a slight grey color on your skin. But this goes away ;) and I only had this in the beginning.


Next ring I designed is this BranchBirdie ring. I got it in Stainless Steel with a matte antique bronze finish and in Red Strong and Flexible.
I don't really wear the plastic one, because the color is quite bold and it feels vulnerable. But I already dropped it on the floor and it's still alright! ^_^ Another thing is the weight. It's really light so it doesn't really feel like jewelry to me..
The Stainless Steel one I do wear. Less than the robot one, but that's because that one fits better with my clothing style most of the time ;) After wearing the BranchBirdie ring a while I was disappointed to find out the matte antique bronze finish slightly disappears at the edges.. On the other hand it gives an even more vintage feeling to it!

My latest addition to my jewelry range:
A Girl Robot pendant! I also got this in Stainless Steel, I love to wear this together with my ring! The pendant is quite small, it's only 3 cm high.
The one at the bottom is in White Strong and Flexible. This one is from a friend of mine over at instagram: yurigurlie207, you should check out her cute stamps! Anyway she painted the little bow red! how cute is that >.<

So these are my designs so far.. I'm planning on doing so much more! But my study takes up a lot of my time.. Fortunately, summer holiday is almost here! So I will have plenty of time to design more things ^_^

Bye Bye
Anne Lien

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