woensdag 30 mei 2012

Home DIY ~ little storage unit

Today I'm feeling a bit restless. I finished up an earlier post, did a bit of homework.. I decided to clean up my apartment. There is this particular place in my room that has been bugging me for a while.. It is messy and I can't find my stuff when I want to go out. I decided to reorganize this area!

Since my apartment is soooo tiny and I have way too many things, it can become quite messy over time. When I'm not happy with the way my stuff is organized, I start looking for things around my apartment which I can use to create a new storage unit.

This is what I found:
Ok without the utility knife and the pen..
I found a box used for transporting some kind of fruit (from the grocery store) and two strips of mdf. I have a massive amount of scrap material from building models for school, so there is always something I can work with.

3D printing software

If you ever want to start designing your own 3D-printed jewelry or other amazing things in 3D, you have to learn how to use 3D software. There are many different programs at the moment. Some are free, or rather expensive. Some are quite easy to learn and others take some time to understand. Here I will list some of the software I know or use. There are many more out there, but this is a way to get started.
Shapeways also has a tutorials page to get you started. This will be helpful when you've started designing.

First I will talk about the software I use or have used/tried.

Rhino interface ~ own work (Girl Robot Ring)

maandag 21 mei 2012

Recipe ~ grandma's pastadish

Today I wanted to share a little recipe. As the title suggests my grandmother used to make this dish for us when we were little. It's supposed to be an Indonesian dish, but that's kind of questionable since all the ingredients are more Italic... anyway I'm making this an one-person-dish since I only eat this when my boyfriend isn't here (it's not his kind of dish) and since I'm a student and all.. it's just handy.
When my grandmother died, the family made a little book with some of her famous recipes. She just loved to cook! In the recipes there aren't many measurements.. she just did what she thought would taste good. So I have to do the same here ^_^

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

City shopping ~ Amsterdam

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to visit a friend of mine, we were just wandering around Amsterdam and visiting some cute shops ^_^ Thought I'd share some of the nice shops Amsterdam has to offer!

Amsterdam shopping     Here is an overview of the shops we visited

maandag 14 mei 2012

My Projects ~ Book purse

I've made this book purse awhile back for my minor 'Advanced Prototyping'. The assignment was to take any object and turn it into something new. It was pretty fun to do!

I can fit my iPhone in there along with my important cards and I even made a pocket for some change or lip balm =) 

They liked it so much they decided to keep it at school for a year! But I have to miss it :(
So I decided to make another one ^_^  a friend of mine also wanted one so we made them together. When I finish mine I will post a tutorial! ;)

Bye Bye ♥
Anne Lien

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Home DIY ~ photo clips

Let's begin with a very easy DIY project, the only thing you will need are paperclips! And your favorite photos of course ;)
I was into lomography for a while, I had some nice photos printed out but I didn't quite know how to display them. Since I have a rented apartment (and concrete walls), I can't hang photo frames on the wall. Lomo had some photo clips I thought would be really handy but they're quite expensive..


dinsdag 8 mei 2012

tiny purple treehouse ~ 3D printed jewelry

So I told you guys how tiny purple treehouse got started, now I will show what I've made so far..

So first up is this Girl Robot ring. This particular one is printed in Stainless Steel. The nice thing about Shapeways is you can decide in what material you want your products to be printed. Also, I added a function so you can order the exact ring size you want!
Okay so I'm a bit biased, but I'm loving this ring! I wear it everyday, it's nice and heavy so you really feel it on your finger. At first this was a bit weird, but I got used to it quickly. It's so heavy because Shapeways has restrictions on the thickness of the materials. In Stainless Steel you need to have a wall thickness of at least 2-3 mm. You can go smaller, but they won't always accept it, because the chance of breaking the product in the progress is quite big.
Some people say this material can rub of on your skin. I did experience this, when it's wet outside the ring rubs of a slight grey color on your skin. But this goes away ;) and I only had this in the beginning.


Next ring I designed is this BranchBirdie ring. I got it in Stainless Steel with a matte antique bronze finish and in Red Strong and Flexible.
I don't really wear the plastic one, because the color is quite bold and it feels vulnerable. But I already dropped it on the floor and it's still alright! ^_^ Another thing is the weight. It's really light so it doesn't really feel like jewelry to me..
The Stainless Steel one I do wear. Less than the robot one, but that's because that one fits better with my clothing style most of the time ;) After wearing the BranchBirdie ring a while I was disappointed to find out the matte antique bronze finish slightly disappears at the edges.. On the other hand it gives an even more vintage feeling to it!

My latest addition to my jewelry range:
A Girl Robot pendant! I also got this in Stainless Steel, I love to wear this together with my ring! The pendant is quite small, it's only 3 cm high.
The one at the bottom is in White Strong and Flexible. This one is from a friend of mine over at instagram: yurigurlie207, you should check out her cute stamps! Anyway she painted the little bow red! how cute is that >.<

So these are my designs so far.. I'm planning on doing so much more! But my study takes up a lot of my time.. Fortunately, summer holiday is almost here! So I will have plenty of time to design more things ^_^

Bye Bye
Anne Lien

First Post!

Okay so I finally found the time (and courage) to write this first post..

Let me begin by explaining the name of this blog, 'tiny blue apartment', it's quite simple, At the moment I'm living in a tiny blue apartment ;) I'm a student so I don't have a lot of choice where I want and can live. I was lucky enough to be long enough on a list to get a tiny apartment for myself!

But there is more to this name. At the first half of this college year I got to do my minor. I choose for 'Advanced Prototyping'. This minor was being given by the faculty of Industrial Design as well as by the faculty of Architecture in Delft. I've learned a lot! One of the most exciting things I learned was 3D-printing. We've experimented with different kinds of printers and learned about the limits and the creative freedom of 3D-printing. One of the assignments was to design your own jewelry that would be 3D-printed. I was really excited about this assignment. Especially because we were introduced to this website called Shapeways. Here you can upload and sell your own models as well as buy the models of other people! So I wanted my little shop there as well. I came up with a jewelry brand:

tiny purple treehouse

I got my shop and a facebook page!

So now I have a blog and a jewelry brand with matching names ^_^
On this blog I will share my new found love of 3D-printing, tell a bit about how to get started on designing your own amazing things and show interesting creations of other people. Also I will post my new designs once in a while.

Next to this I will also share all the other things I love to do, see, hear, eat, create and so on.
So I hope you will find something you like :)

See you ♥,
Anne Lien