maandag 8 oktober 2012

(free) Digital Design Resources

palette by Design Seeds and the parrot is from All Silhouettes
font is Caviar Dreams by Lauren Thompson on

 I've been spending maybe a little bit too much time on the internet lately.. But I did found some awesome websites that might come in very handy when you like to design things on your computer!
I know there are many more useful sites out there, but these were my recent finds and some staples I wanted to share. Also, I like free stuff, so pretty much everything in this post is for free ;)

zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Wedding in Phoenix

Time for a new post! Sorry for the long silence, but as the title suggests, I've been on a little trip to America. I've already been back for a week or so, but now I'm finally jetlag free and I have my head back together for a new blogpost ;)