woensdag 9 mei 2012

Home DIY ~ photo clips

Let's begin with a very easy DIY project, the only thing you will need are paperclips! And your favorite photos of course ;)
I was into lomography for a while, I had some nice photos printed out but I didn't quite know how to display them. Since I have a rented apartment (and concrete walls), I can't hang photo frames on the wall. Lomo had some photo clips I thought would be really handy but they're quite expensive..


So one day I had the idea of using ordinary paper clips to use as photo clips. It turned out pretty nice, partly because of all the colors of the clips ^_^
I tied a rope on some things on my wall and there it was, my own photo wall..

Here's what to do:

You will need 3 paperclips for each photo clip. The first and last paperclip need to hold a photo, so the 'clip' side needs to be on the outside. Connect the two with another paperclip.
These colored ones I got at HEMA, because of the plastic coating the photos won't be damaged as much as when you would use regular ones. Your photos do get a slight bend, so use with caution ;)

For the top ones I used some bigger clips I had lying around. You could use the regular ones just as good ^_^ You can hang the photos on a rope with the paperclip.

And your done!

I hope you enjoyed this quick, easy and cheap tutorial to decorate your apartment

Till next time! ♥
Anne Lien

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great idea. It's so simple and so cute! Love it.

  2. That is a great idea and far cheaper then the versions i've seen to make photograph ropes!