dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Building spaghetti bridges

Over the past few weeks two friends and I have been quite obsessed by spaghetti. And glue. This was the third time in a row we were competing in the yearly spaghetti-bridge competition organized by our university.
Every year there are two challenges to compete in: the team-building challenge and the student-building challenge. We were competing for the third time in the last challenge. Here you need to build a bridge before the actual competition/testing day according to the released assignment. We also competed in the teambuilding challenge for the first time. This takes place on the day itself. You get 3 hours to build a (smaller) bridge.

Last week Wednesday was the big day. In the morning we brought our big bridge in and we build a smaller bridge for the teambuilding challenge. There was a nice spaghetti lunch (spaghetti-overload) and in the afternoon they would test all bridges from both challenges.
Before I share our experiences, let me reveal that we didn't win anything ;)