woensdag 29 augustus 2012

All-time favorite iPhone apps

Today I'm gonna do a different kind of post. I have my iPhone 3GS for about three years now I think. And I have a lot of apps, my friends are always kind of surprised of how many I have.. haha
I don't know I just like to have a lot of choice.. or something.
But there are a few apps that I just keep using. Besides the standard FB, Whatsapp and Instagram apps of course.

I've got 4 games and 4 non-game/useful apps I want to share.

Ow and I got the lovely background from pixelgirlpresents. They got pretty desktop and mobile phone wallpapers, but even better, pretty logos to spice up your folders! Might do another post on that..

Ok, first game! Actually first two games, since it's Virtual City 1 and 2.
You can get a free trial with a certain amount of levels, but I ended up buying both for €3,99 and €2,39 a piece.
This game is just so much fun! It looks like SimCity, you have to build houses and industries, but the main part is about getting your infrastructure right. Every level has some goals, like, get 300 environmental rating, get 100 population, deliver 5 pies to the shop etc.
There are different industry chains you can build (pies, cosmetics, furniture etc). They won't be all available in every level. Then you got your trucks, buses and dump trucks you need to tell what to do.
With all this.. some levels are played in 5 minutes, others can take up to 30 minutes! Well, it got me distracted from my homework >.<

Next game, is a word game, iAssociate 2 (free!). All levels start out with one word in the middle, with some 'branches' connected to them. Your job is to fill in the blanks! And that is way more fun than it may sounds ;)
Sometimes I need google to help me, but I always end up learning something new.
The game comes with a certain amount of levels. You can buy new ones, but you can also get them for free. Well, you first need to download and play (free) apps for currency. The currency can be traded for new levels! Works quite well.

Last game is called Slay. I remember it being free, but now it's €2,39..
It's a strategic game, where you have to conquer the land of your digital opponents. You start out with little bits of land of your color. Every turn you can add and/or move people. Try to connect the different bits of land and make your opponents give up in as less turns as possible.
In the last update, the graphics were improved and more themes were added. Now you can play with cute penguins, including the adorable sounds they make! (yeah.. penguins are my favorite animals ^_^)

First non-game app. The name says it all: Awesome Note, also €2,39. I've had this app for like forever and I keep returning to it. Recently I've also started using this as my agenda.
There are so many options you can tweak! First of all, you can make your own fully customizable tabs. In these tabs or menus you can add pages. You can choose how to view these pages, as little notes/articles (right picture), as a to-do list, as a diary etc. There is also an option to add an event so you can sync with your iPhone and/or Google calendar. Which is pretty handy.

For 3 euros, you get A LOT. So if you're the type who likes to organize their thoughts/ideas/packing lists/favorite bands, than this is the app for you ^_^

If you think you're spending too much money, but can't tell for sure.. (like me) an app like this is superhandy. There are many kinds of this app, but I like this one, Money Journal (€2,39). First of all you can turn your background into pink hehe (or any other color). Also, adding a new expense is quite easy, you can make your own categories and you can fill in if you used cash or your card. There are more options, like weekly/monthly repeats and you can even attach a photo of your receipt. 
When your done adding your expenses and incomes, I did mine right on the spot, you can see nice overviews. Like in the left picture you can see how much money came in and how much went out. This way you can tell if you have a problem. January was my problem ;)
There are more charts, like how much you spend in each category, compared to last month and so on.
You can also view lists as shown in the right picture. Overall you get a very good picture of your financial situation. That is, if your diligent enough to follow through with it. I did this for 5 months and now I know a lot better where my money is going ^_^ I haven't used it since, but I have a clear financial picture in my head now ;)

This is a 'dutch people only' app. Bright is a magazine about technology and design stuff. They also got this app which features their online articles and app recommendations in a clear way. When I got nothing on my hands or when I need to wake up, I check this app.

Last one, a photo app. I love to instagram! But I don't like their filters that much.. In this app you can apply filters, effects and borders. I know there are many apps like this, but pixlr'o'matic is a nice one. You can use the free version, or the plus version with more effects. I find the regular ones work just fine ;)
The effects you get look pretty neat and the whole interface works really nice!

So this was my list of all-time favorite apps! Tell me which one(s) you liked and please share your favorite ones with me, cause I'm always trying out new ones ^_^

Anne Lien

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