zondag 26 augustus 2012

Gift DIY ~ birthday coupons

A friend of ours turned 21 recently. We got her some gifts, but we also made a little coupon book for her. I know it sounds kinda cliche and like something you would make for Mothers Day. But this study year we will all be doing something completely different in different cities, so we wanted to have some kind of guaranty we will meet up again. Also, it's a great way to come up with funny ways to spend time together haha

So here's what we did. Our friend likes brands like Pip Studios and Oilily. For the coupon background we used Pip wallpapers. I just googled it and copied the pictures in Photoshop.
Please note this project was only for personal use! I would never use other peoples pictures for something commercial. Otherwise I would've put up a template you guys could use for your own coupon book, now it's more an inspirational post ;)
Anyway, with the backgrounds in place I used some kind of vintage looking label for the title and put in more pictures related to the subjects and description. We've come up with a total of 7 coupons

For your inspiration:
- DIY afternoon
- Dinner and a movie
- Sleepover! (yes it's even fun when you're past 20 ;))
- Making a rainbow colored cake
- Having a drink on a sunny afternoon
- Sauna visit
- Karaoke bar

You might have noticed the dimensions of this little book are those of a standard photo. That's because now you can print it on standard shiny photo paper! This looks so pretty and kinda professional haha

There's an utility knife lying there cause I made a light cut on the dotted line. This way you can easily cut of the coupon part for 'validation'. It's all about the details :)

Photo paper is very thick. Therefore I made a light cut in the back as well. Now you can glue this part on top of the other coupons and still be able to actually open the book.

Make sure though you make each cut a bit closer to the edge (if you start from the back). Otherwise you still wouldn't be able to open it. As you can see 7 coupons with a front and a back page, so 9 in total, make a pretty thick book! For the back page, glue it on the last coupon, wrong sides facing.

 Some last tips:
- Use different backgrounds for a diverse and rich feeling
- Don't use more than two fonts, I used a curly one for the titles and date, a handwritten one for
  the description.
- Use an expiration date (B'day next year), this way it looks more real ..hehe
- Find funny/pretty pictures to fit the subject and theme of your coupons
- Use your creativity and have fun!
- Ow and only use it for your personal use ;)

Till next time!
Anne Lien

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