zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Wedding in Phoenix

Time for a new post! Sorry for the long silence, but as the title suggests, I've been on a little trip to America. I've already been back for a week or so, but now I'm finally jetlag free and I have my head back together for a new blogpost ;)

So I went to Phoenix, Arizona for a wedding! It was the wedding of my cousin and his (now) lovely wive. They live in Phoenix even though they both have different motherlands. Anyhow, it was a very nice wedding in the Desert Botanical Garden ^_^
Since we were traveling half the world to attend the wedding, we also did some other things in the one week we were staying in Phoenix. The day after the wedding we went horseback riding in the fricking desert! It was in the morning so the heat was ok to deal with haha. It was a truly amazing experience, especially if you consider I've never been on a horse before.. (except for that one time when I was 4, but I don't think that counts -.-)
Those were the two main things we did. I also managed to sneak in some shopping time. I mean, when am I ever going back to the USA! So I stopped by at Forever21, Pacsun, Target and some other little shops. Ah man, I loved Target! >.< haha I spent like 2,5 hours just browsing through the whole store. Even though I'm pretty broke now (hehe) it was all totally worth it :)

Enough talk, here are some pictures I took on my trip. (Thanks to my boyfriend for lending me his new camera ^_^ , even though I messed up the settings and just shoot 2M photos in 16:9..  haha)

Garden of our rental house

Having fun with the focus in the Desert Botanical Garden

These cacti were everywhere!

Spotted some 'wildlife' in the Botanical Garden :)

Cute donkey at the Spur Cross Stables where we went horseback riding
His even tinier buddy! They protected the ranch against coyotes at night >.< 

Amazing view seen from my horse

Excuse the cheap cowboy hat.. haha I didn't burn though!

Phoenix in the evening. Seen from the roof of our rental house

In the mall! Too bad I only had my credit card ;)

I want one in Holland!!

"We can do it!"

Goodbye Arizona ^_^ Thanks for the wonderful time
This concludes my trip, I hope you liked the few pictures.
I promise I will do more posts pretty soon ;)

Have a nice sunday!
Anne Lien

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  1. Great pictures! I once was in the Atacama desert in Chile, and whenever I see cacti I think of that. Because they told me they only grow a centimetre per year, so that means that if they are a couple of meter high they are hundreds of years old. Pretty impressive right? Not sure if it holds for all cats species though

    1. Thanks! Ow that's so awesome you've been there! Funny, the bride is from Chile haha
      anyway, it is quite the same with these cacti. During our horseback riding trip, our guide told us a lot about it. The big 'signature' cacti grow like 20cm per year I believe.. So these were still pretty old! I also learned they only grow arms to keep their balance! I found it a very interesting trip :)

  2. (this is adrienne again!) haha your cacti info was very interesting! good to read a bit more about your trip on here. glad you had a fun time despite the heat. i'm not a hot climate person, i would have melted and complained alllll daaaaay long. and YES i love target too!!! although lately i found a new obsession. there is a store called Marshalls in the USA and it's mostly bargain prices for some designer brands and their inventory is much like that of Target but not as much stuff. I could spend hours browsing them as well! (save that on your wishlist for the next time you come to america =D )

    1. hehe yeah we learned a lot =D ow I couldn't cope that well with the heat.. so I was mostly inside where the AC was blasting >.<
      ah man I need to get back soon! Think I would be able to spend some hours in Marshalls as well! and I miss Target already :( it's a bummer they don't ship internationally cause they have a pretty good webshop. ah well if I just don't visit there, I won't know what I'll miss ;)

    2. well, do let me know what you see and love! i live close to a target! =))

    3. Oeh! I will definitely keep that in mind! =D
      Thank you ♥

  3. Aah wat fijn! Klinkt heel goed en je foto's zijn mooi. En ik wil ook graag paardrijden in de woestijn (of gewoon in een Hollands weiland haha).

    1. Dankje! =D ja, nu ik dit eenmaal gedaan heb wil ik het eigenlijk wel vaker doen haha
      dus als je ergens zo'n georganiseerde trip ziet door een weiland hier, laat het weten. Ik ga mee! ;)