maandag 8 oktober 2012

(free) Digital Design Resources

palette by Design Seeds and the parrot is from All Silhouettes
font is Caviar Dreams by Lauren Thompson on

 I've been spending maybe a little bit too much time on the internet lately.. But I did found some awesome websites that might come in very handy when you like to design things on your computer!
I know there are many more useful sites out there, but these were my recent finds and some staples I wanted to share. Also, I like free stuff, so pretty much everything in this post is for free ;)

First of, I like my fonts. My all time favorite free font website is Dafont. This site has a clear overview and they have lots of free fonts! Free for personal use, or even free for commercial use. Just what the maker of the font wanted people to do with their font.

I use Illustrator in a lot of my work (school and personal), one of the things you cannot live without are some good vector files. On all-silhouttes you can find some pretty good ones! From people silhouettes to furniture. And yes, they're free as well :)

One of my recent finds is designresourcebox. On here you can find all kinds of textures, brushes and icons. I haven't used any of these files yet, but I'm excited to use these for some future projects! They also have a blog where they share some good resources and awesome inspirations.

Speaking of textures and icons. CG Textures is my texture to go website. You just have to create an account, but then you can download a limited amount of textures per day for free! I've already made a little database on my laptop of some good seamless textures I use in my 3D models :)

For icons, I use PixelgirlPresents. You can find some pretty wallpapers (computer and smartphone), but also icons. I just love to customize my folders with icons! It makes my desktop look prettier and it makes it easier to find a certain folder.
For Windows: right mouse click on folder > properties > customize > change icon > find your downloaded icons and pick the cutest one!

For a future project I'm trying to make/find a good color palette. I've found some inspiration on these two sites: Design Seeds and ColourLovers.
On the first site you can find all kinds of different palettes based on photos. They're really beautiful and nicely categorized!
The second site is more user-based. People share their palettes and you can comment. There's also an option to make patterns with the color palettes.

This website is a recent find and I can't wait to use it! It's called Spoonflower. You can design your own fabric and have it printed on a variety of fabrics. I've already ordered a sample pack for $1. They also organize weekly competitions. Plus you can sell your own designs!
A very interesting competition that's coming up, is with the theme 'arrow'. The prize is a one-year-membership to Adobe Creative Cloud! I really need to make a design.. >.<

Last item I wanted to share is my Pinterest board called Digital Design Resources. On here I pin different resources I find on the web or on Pinterest. Like some free fonts or free printables. It's just gonna keep growing!

That's it for now! Maybe you'll find something you like or can use on here. If you know any interesting sites please let me know! I'm always looking for new things :)

Have a great week! ♥

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  1. Such a great resource. You can't beat freebies for sure. I especially love Dafont and Design Seeds. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi! I'm happy you found it useful :) Yes, I think those two are my favorite ones at the moment as well!

  2. oo these are very cool. i really like the customized desktop icons. i might give that a try =))) thanks for sharing! (this is adrienne btw! =D )

    1. Hi! Yes you should give it try! There are enough cute icons for you ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I recently discovered dafont as well, but was looking for some silhouettes a while back as well and had a hard time finding good ones. So this is great :) Also thanks for sharing that video the other day :)

    1. Hi! Happy I could help! :)
      btw sorry for the late reply.. school is way too busy -.-