dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Final presentation & Revit renderings

Last Friday was my final presentation of the design project of the past semester. Because of this, last month has been really busy for me, so sorry for the lack of updates and replies.
Doing a master architecture project is pretty intense in itself. I worked on the same building for almost half a year, it was hard work. When your building is 'finished' you need to prepare a presentation. I have to say, I was totally not feeling the vibe and my presentation was a bit of a let down in terms of drawing techniques. Anyway, I passed the project!

 The one thing I did really enjoy was working in Autodesk Revit. This software is pretty new. When I started this study 4 years ago, we were thought Maya. Now the kids learn Revit in their first year. Even though I never had lessons with this software, I started using it in an architecture project last year. This project I used it again and it's a really great product!

Let me explain a bit about it. Before Revit, you would use AutoCad for your floorplans, facades and details together with a 3D package (like Maya or Rhino) to visualize your building. Revit combines these two elements in one program. It's sort of the Sims, but for professionals ;)
You can pick the type of walls, doors and floors. When you make an adjustment in your floorplan it will automatically show up in your 3D model. It works really nice in the early stages of design as well as in the final stage, where you have to make sure everything is correct.

During this project I learned lots of new features of Revit because I wanted to create something but wasn't sure how. Google and youtube were my best friends. I learned how to create different types of sloped roofing, how to model in place.. I just feel a lot more comfortable with this software.
Another aspect I already enjoyed last year, is the easy way of rendering in Revit. For example, when you're rendering in Maya or using Vray, you really need to know your way around all the controls and settings. In Revit it's a matter of adjusting the sun to the location and set the desired quality.
This year it got even better. I discovered rendering in the Autodesk cloud. It's free for students with an Autodesk account (which you need to download the student version of Autodesk products).
There was no need to wait 2 hours for my laptop to complete a complete rendering! I just send it off to the cloud and 30 minutes later I had a super sharp and detailed render! While I could continue my work! ..or watch random youtube videos.
I do need to add that these renders all 'look the same', whereas when you have total control of all the settings, it would look a lot more personal. But for this, I was really pleased with the result :)

Here are some interior renderings!

So yeah, this is partly what I have been up to for the last month(s). Now I'm gonna enjoy the fact that I only have one exam in two whole weeks!

btw, I talk more about 3D software here, if you're interested

Enjoy the rest of your week!
- Anne Lien

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